5 Highlights from Toronto 101

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Many of you have been asking me about how the inaugural Toronto 101 trip went so here are a few highlights that our group enjoyed during our tour.  But first a little bit of background about our maiden destination:

  • Toronto is Canada’s largest city with a diverse population of approximately 2.8 million people.
  • The city offers vast amounts of art, history, and a fascinating waterfront with incredible nightlife. It is also the most prominent financial center in Canada.
  • Toronto has over 8,000 unique restaurants due the massive variety of cultures that call this city home.

1.  Toronto Islands


Did you know there is an island just a short 5 minute ferry ride from Toronto?!  With endless outdoor activities from beach volleyball, biking, frisbee golf, and simply catching some rays on Lake Ontario, you are sure to be surprised by this summer gem.


2.  Distillery District

Distillery Pic

What Toronto may lack in terms of year-round weather it makes up for in breweries.  With 22 of them ranging from the large Molson operation, to craft establishments like Mill Street and Amsterdam your thirst is guaranteed to be quenched in this city.


3.  St Lawrence Market

Market Pic

The St. Lawrence Market  was rated the best food market in the world in 2012 by National Geographic, and it lives up to the hype.  Members of our group chose from Canadian favorites like the peameal bacon and veal sandwiches, to fresh fruit smoothies from this markets vast array of choices.


4.  Yonge-Dundas Square

This is Toronto's Yonge-Dundas Square, which reminds me of Times Square in NY. I spent a couple of hours here and was lucky to get a colorful sunset. This is an HDR of 3 shots (-2, 0, +2), tonemapped in Photomatix. In PS: - Imagenomic Noiseware twice, one stronger on the sky. For the next commands I masked the sky. - Smart sharpen - Freaky details masking - Nik Tonal Contrast - Vibrance increase on the whole image - A bit os saturation boost on the sky - Curves - Burn the top of the sky and the edges - A bit of Nik Glamour Glow.

Basically this is Canada’s Times Square equivalent.  Our group enjoyed the Franco-Fete music festival that was playing in the square the entire weekend and incredible shopping at the CF Eaton Center nearby.


5.  CN Tower


I almost left this one out because of how obvious and cliché it is, but it’s that good!!  You can never go wrong with cityscape views and the CN tower provides one of the best.  It goes without saying that your trip to Toronto really is not complete until you take it all in from the tower’s observatory.



July 21, 2016
I had a great time exploring Toronto. The hostel was really cool; there was a bar downstairs as well as a delicious breakfast. The Toronto Islands on the second day were really fun too. I played frisbee golf at the island course. Nightlife was great as well; plenty of bars, clubs, and pubs in the city with all different themes. I had a great time while getting a good feel for the city!! Highly recommend!

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