What is included in a Triploma Trip?

Triploma weekend and long break trips include round-trip transportation, accommodation at top-rated hostels or hotels in each destination, walking tours when applicable, breakfast, a Triploma travel advisor, and activity options dependent on each destination (see the tour description page and itinerary for details of what is included in each tour).

Do I need to bring travel documents with me on Triploma Trips?

Yes, when traveling with Triploma it is important to bring your original passport or enhanced license with you even if you are traveling within the country as your legal form of identification. In the event that it is necessary to check in with border control when passing between countries, you will need your travel documents in order to show that you are legally allowed to travel within North America.

Do people travel by themselves on your tours?

Absolutely! Just because you are traveling on your own does not mean you should feel discouraged from joining one of our trips. In fact, it is an excellent way to meet other students not only from Buffalo, but from other colleges in Upstate New York as well!

What if I have an emergency on a trip?

Your tour leader will provide you with their phone number prior to trip departure and will also have their contact information posted in reception. In the event of an emergency, it is advised that you call your tour leader immediately for assistance.

In addition, we require your emergency contact information when booking any Triploma trips so that we are able to make the appropriate contacts if an emergency arises.

Do I need to stay with the group the whole time?

Of course not! Our goal is to provide itineraries with the perfect balance of guided activities and free time, but activities are never mandatory. If you are interested in other aspects of a destination or want suggestions for alternative activities, your tour leader will be happy to provide them. Please note that before venturing off on your own, it is important to know the meeting point and time so that you can meet back up with the group when leaving a destination. If you wish to stay somewhere longer, please speak with your tour leader so we can assist you in making other arrangements.

I have heard hostel rooms are big and I will have to share a room with strangers. Is that true?

Triploma stays in top-rated hostels in all of our destinations so you can expect a fun, safe and clean environment. Hostels offer a vibrant, youthful atmosphere that allows you to kick back, relax and have a great time. The dormitory style rooms provide you with the opportunity to room with all of your friends instead of having to split up, or make new friends with other members of our group. The rooms are private to Triploma customers so that you can feel safe and comfortable at all times.